Democracy – Tony Style

After returning home from his recent successful mission to resolve all of the problems in the Middle-East, the BLiar’s recent entrance into the Scottish Independence debate has made many Indy supporters, me for one, feel this will be a bonus for our side.

93669099_d7d6337a8b_oWe haven’t forgotten Iraq yet you see.

However, aside from the misleading guff he said that blithely ignored the fact that he personally did not want devolution, there was a little something in there that I think the shows the arrogance of the man in particular, and of the Westminster political class in general.

It is also remarkable how no one seemed to pick up on it.

I have highlighted it below…

“Devolution is a sensible way of keeping all the strengths of the United Kingdom while allowing decisions that really should be taken close to the people are taken close to the people.”

The obvious thing to note here is that Tony obviously believes that many decisions should not be taken close to the people. I wonder if the people’s Prime Minister would provide us a list of which decisions he believes the people should have no say in, and explanations as to why?

It’s quite remarkable thing for a supposed democrat to say.

In the speech he also decided to say people should stop scapegoating immigrants for their problems in their own countries. I would agree wholeheartedly but I suspect my reasons are somewhat different from his. In his mind it probably makes more sense to make up false claims and attack people while they are still in their own countries.

One comment

  1. One would expect Tony to support devolution, since he himself devolved from the reality-based community some years ago and has been getting richer ever since.

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