The Scottish Independence Podcast Episode 15 – Krys Kujawa

k1The most popular sport in our country is still football by far and whether we like it or not, there are strong political undercurrents to what goes on in the stadiums.

Although players certainly get too much publicity, fans are often shunted to the side and treated as 2nd class citizens.

Therefore, with such a momentous decision coming up for Scotland in 2014, those in favour of a Yes vote would be making a grave error if they ignored the discussions on the subject that are taking place in the stadiums and between the supporters that make up a large part of the population of Scotland.

In that light, for the Scottish Independence Podcast I have decided to do an occasional series with supporters from as many different teams as possible to find out what discussions are taking place around the stadiums and in the clubs and how this might affect the referendum. I want to look at who is for and against and why that might be. They won’t be consecutive, just mixed in with the other ones.

If football isn’t your thing don’t worry as we won’t be talking about the matches themselves.

For the first of these I spoke to Krys Kujawa who is the host of the Celtic podcast The Paradise Report.

We talked about how approaching football supporters as a block group all with the same opinions is an error. We talked about how the situation looks among the Celtic support and some of the historical and current reasons for that situation and also what might be done to persuade more of them to vote yes. It was also necessary to talk about what many feel is the increasing criminilisation of football supporters.

Hope you enjoy it.

This is the direct download link (right click and save as)

You can listen online here on the show’s homepage.


  1. The point about education might make a good subject in itself, perhaps on For A’That. My own experience was much the same: Hadrian’s Wall, Edward Plantagenet, Bruce, Wallace, another Edward Plantagenet, bit of a gap, Mary Queen of Scots, James I and VI, and that’s your lot. Nothing at all about the Act of Union (in fact, precious little about anything much between Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria – no doubt coincidentally, the very time during which the Empire was growing fastest).

    Still a lot more coverage than Wales got, however.

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