For A’ That – Episode 7 – Creative Recountancy

Another quartet for this week’s For A’ That podcast.

tumblr_lg5sdbKvWi1qzgcufo1_500This time the group comprised Andrew (or “him”), poet, activist and Bella Caledonia co-editor Kevin Williamson and Rory Scothorne who was a co-founder of the National Collective.

We discussed the ongoing problems with Creative Scotland. This became a larger discussion about the cultural scene in Scotland and even the British Isles. We didn’t think Jack Straw knows what he is talking about. We also had a word about how some artists and writers have been choosing sides in the indy debate and why some may feel reluctant to do so.

Nicola Sturgeon’s speech from this week was a topic and seemed to meet with broad approval. We discussed some of the interesting themes the speech brought up.

Our last topic was the announcement that more than a million pounds will be given to various academics to study the possible effects of independence.

I cannot of course talk about this episode without mentioning Andrew’s flabbergasting suggestion about what should be done with unionists.

This is the direct download link (right click and save as)

Or you can go to the show’s homepage and listen online there.


  1. Ah yes, the delights of being a “professional” artist. In the olden days, as we know, there were really only two courses open to aspiring authors, painters and so forth. Either you got yourself born rich (the sensible course) and published anonymously if you were saying anything controversial; or you found a rich patron and put smarmy dedications in the front of your books, and painted angelic portraits of his syphilitic mistresses and vile flat-headed children. Bertrand Russell, I recall reading, had to churn out an incredible amount of tosh for newspapers and magazines, commenting on fashion and so forth, so that he could make ends meet.

    Dario Argento once noted the difference between film-making in Europe and in Hollywood: in Europe all the backers want is their money, whereas in Hollywood everyone is an artist, so besides the financial profits the money-men all want a bash at the screenplay and a say in the final edit.

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