The Scottish Independence Podcast Episode 13 – Robin McAlpine

For Episode 13 I spoke with Robin McAlpine who, amongst other things, is the editor of Scottish Left Review and the director of the advocacy group The Reid Foundation.

Democracy was a big theme in the discussion and we spoke about the importance of mapping out the stages of the independence process and how democracy is key in every part of that. We also talked about the weakness of local democracy in Britain in general and Scotland in particular and how this is something that needs changing.

Furthermore, we talked about the hollowing out of democracy that has been successfully carried out by the neoliberal institutions and why Scottish Independence will help to at least improve this situation.

A very interesting point on why it is crucial not to allow cultural arguments to be removed from the Independence debate is in there somewhere as well.

This is the direct download link (right click and save as)

Listen online at the home page



  1. Very interesting, not least because it explores the wider issue of British democracy, or the tattered remains thereof.

    Two separate points stood out: the one about England being the only country with worse political apathy than Scotland, and the one near the end about national pride in England being as noisy as ever. I wonder if they might be related somehow.

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