For A’ That – Episode 3 – Dissonative Cognizance

Well that title was a nice wee word joke, wasn’t it? No? Ach well.

Anyway, in this 3rd episode of the For A’ That podcast The Peat Worrier and myself have a little more international outlook than usual as we talk about the US election a little but also relating to how people on this side of the Atlantic tend to see these affairs.

We also talk about the resurrection of Gordon Brown and Alasdair Darling. “Jam tomorrow” is also discussed, as well as why the ‘No’ campaign insist on bringing up Spain all the time.

Something of a running theme in the episode is the idea of cognitive dissonance, which is why I have written that title.

I hope you enjoy it, I think it was a rather interesting episode, no I don’t, yes I do, no I don’t. Oh damn, this dissonance thing is troubling.

You can download directly as mp3 here (right click and save as)

Or you can go to the page and listen online.



  1. Nice map — although, like many in Westminster and beyond, it appears to confuse “new best friend” with “violent comic-relief sidekick”.

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