For A’ That – Episode 1

Delighted to announce the beginning of a new companion podcast to the Scottish Independence Podcast.

The For A’ That podcast isn’t an interview format, it’s more of a discussion of the week’s events, issues, rants, ramblings & absurdities relating to the upcoming referendum and Scottish politics more generally. We’ll try to put them out every Sunday.

In this first episode it is myself with Andrew Tickell or Lallands Peat Worrier.

We chat about the legal kerfuffle over EU membership, the prisoners voting issue and touch on the rules that are going to be laid down regarding the financing of the campaigns.

Hope you enjoy!

This is the download link (right click and save as)

Here is the homepage to listen online.



  1. I like it.

    Good point there about the coarsening of our social and political discourse. I feel that quite strongly myself, although I’m not sure whether the nature of the discourse has actually changed all that much or whether there are now simply different targets for acceptable bigotry. In the twenties and thirties you had the kikes, in the fifties and sixties you had the niggers, and now we have immigrants and the undeserving disabled.

  2. A further complication is that the political class nowadays is probably less representative of the human population than it has been for several decades: Labour has certainly alienated great swathes of its presumed working-class constituency, and apparently there are still plenty of Conservatives who are stupid enough to consider Daveybloke a liberal moderniser instead of the sociopathic Regency fop he actually is. Presumably, it follows that acceptable bigotry in elite circles is not altogether representative of acceptable bigotry among actual human beings. Daveybloke has just about grasped that some of his MPs are women so it’s unwise to make certain wisecracks at certain points in the oestrus cycle; but what about the famous Tourette’s line? Was it a joke against Ed Balls or a joke against sufferers; or did he come over all subtle and make a funny against both? Perhaps more importantly, who was meant to laugh at it – the country, the coalition, or just the Bullingdon Club?

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