The Scottish Independence Podcast Episode 8 – On the BBC, With Professor David Miller

Podcast 8 is up and it is pretty packed.

The way BBC News behaves is often a cause of dismay/fury/disappointment/surprise (delete as applicable to last story you read or watched).

Instead of attacking the latest thing on Newsnicht, Newsnight or the news itself, I think a bit of context might be useful.

Therefore, this interview, that I conducted a while ago, focuses on the organisation rather than the any specific output and how it can be influenced. It also touches on how that organisation sees itself.

In order to get into these matters I spoke to Professor David Miller. As well as being a Professor of Sociology he is also the author of Tell Me Lies: Propaganda & Media Distortion In The Attack On Iraq and more recently A Century Of Spin: How Public Relations Became The Cutting Edge Of Corporate Power. He is also one of the founders of Spinwatch, and as a little correction to what I say in the podcast, Powerbase (which used to be called spinprofiles). Powerbase is a wonderfully useful tool for journalists and bloggers.

There is also a report on BBC Bias from BBC Scotlandshire.

I hope you enjoy.

THIS IS THE DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK (right click and save)

Go here to listen online.


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