The Scottish Independence Podcast – Episode 2 – Lallands Peat Worrier

This is the second Scottish Independence Podcast. This project is an attempt to discuss some of the real choices coming up for Scotland without the jingoism and, frankly, the silliness, that surrounds much of the debate at the moment.

It is hosted on spreaker and from there you can download it and listen at your leisure, or listen online. This is the link to the show’s page and this is the link to the rss feed.

It is also now available on itunes. You can subscribe to it there as well and if you left a positive review or rating that would be great.

This episode is  a conversation  between Michael Greenwell, who will be hosting the first few episodes, and Andrew Tickell aka Lallands Peat Worrier. They talk about some of the legal aspects of the referendum, some of the differences in voting intention by gender and social grouping and generally have a laugh.

Finally, if anyone would like to help with the project please get in touch with Michael on twitter. Specifically, he is looking for someone to record some voxpops with the people at the march tomorrow.


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