Subverting the Subway

I think the new Hillhead subway mural from Alasdair Gray looks magnificent.

When I was a nipper it was all very different though. The brown and orange colour scheme it had/has always reminded me of one of my older brother’s 70s hangover.

No, we aren’t all that old, it is just that in the 70s my older brothers were growing up and as they were of similar ages they tended to get stuff bought for them at the same time. This often resulted in the same gear in different colour schemes with the older one getting blue and red and the other getting brown and orange, much to his chagrin.

The trend continued into the 80s however, which was what really annoyed him. Obviously as I was a good few years younger, I got all this information years later, just like I often got the same hand-me-downs later.

Anyway, the new logo for the subway is apparently the one on the left but outside the same subway station, during the Thatcher years when I was beginning to grow up a bit, there used to be a rather different sign. The large orange “U” standing for “Underground” had been tampered with in an impressive bit of Thatcher years pre-Banksian culture-jamming.

Using my sublime artistic skills I have decided to recreate the piece using the most sophisticated CGI effects available. Hopefully this will in some small way ensure that this timeless piece that summed up a dark political age is not lost to history.

Why am I writing this nonsense? Because that little bit of graffiti wit kept me laughing for years when I was a boy. No more than that.


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