Bloody Nora – 4

I have recently come into possession of a kitten (and 4 puppies that we found abandoned but we are finding homes for them and keeping the cat).

This does not mean that I shall be cluttering the internet with more cat photos. However, the photo below had to go online as it is one of those things that is a rather depressing commentary on the human species, rather than those of a feline nature.

I have never had a cat before and am more used to dogs so I was interested to find out what some people who have done research on the matter had to say about whether cats really understand a few words of speech or if it is tones of voice and so on that they understand.

Putting the question into google, it appears that the first question most people have to ask that begins with “Do cats really….” is that which I have put below…



  1. So many netizens have trouble with those metaphor things — almost as many as have trouble with apostrophes.

    Cats understand everything; they just don’t give a toss. As far as they’re concerned, you’re just a slightly over-designed mobile tin-opener with a few comfort-blanket extras.

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