The Scottish Independence Podcast – Part 1

During the summer I started to get some work done on a project that I had been trying to get off the ground for a little while.

That project is The Scottish Independence Podcast, which I will be doing with Bella Caledonia.

I thought the opening was there for some real discussion about the issues surrounding independence and so I have tried to start it.

The homepage is on spreaker although the embedded player below is from soundcloud (temporary measure).
It will be up on itunes soon as well.

The RSS feed is here if you want to follow it there.

In this first episode I talk with Donald Adamson who teaches political economy at the university of Cambridge. He also quite likes Karl Marx.

The next guest in the second episode will be Lallands Peat Worrier.

If you want to leave comments you can do it here, at bella, or on twitter with the hashtag #scotindypod

If you want to get involved or have suggestions for who we should speak to, let me know.

Hope you enjoy.

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