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The Free Presbyterians are worried about their position as one of the maddest groups of people in the country.

Although the Scotsman (sic) phrased in a rather sensational way, it is clear to see that some wingnuttery is still going on.

AN INDEPENDENT Scotland would weaken the position of the Christian Church and be a ‘provocation of God’, according to the Free Presbyterians.

Rev Allan MacColl, spokesman for the Scottish Free Presbyterians, known as the ‘Wee Frees’ said religion and morality were in a “terrible” state across Britain.

He added: “But present constitutional arrangements guarantee Christian religion in its position at the heart of the nation, and defends the position of the church and the Bible clearly teaches that.

“It is the duty of all nations to recognise the position of Christ church and any move away from that would not only be dangerous for the church, it is dangerous for the people.”

Speaking of the Independence referendum, the Rev MacColl added: “We are very uneasy about any move to secularise, or even change the existing arrangements.”

He said the church could not tell people how to vote in a referendum on independence, but could warn them

He added that independence would weaken the position of the Christian Church ‘at the heart of the nation’.

Rev McColl also said the Treaty of Union secured the Protestant religion and Presbyterian church and any change “would be a provocation of God”.

Although to me arguing about what angers god is akin to arguing about what colour fairies are, I suppose it is interesting that the defenders of the faith (just about all of them) are lining up to also be defenders of the Union.

What does that say about institutions in the (hopefully) soon-to-be extinct UK?

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