Teflon Superheroes

It comes as something of a shock to hear a somewhat reasonable discussion about independence.

I don’t agree with everything he says but here is an interview with an Englishman who lives in Scotland and now is in favour of independence, although he wasn’t initially.

The title comes from the guy’s best line and was his description of the type of people to be found at Warmongerminster, sorry, Westminster.




  1. As someone born in England (in fact my father was from Bexhill – where the speaker in this clip was oringally from), but living in Scotland for nearly half my life, I can identify with much of what he said. My original fear of Scots independence was the worry that the SNP were just a Scottish version of the BNP.

    This changed back in the 90s when I met George Reid, who was very clear about the idea of representing all those who lived in Scotland, not just native born Scots. And I was further heartened by the One Scotland Many Cultures campaign.

    I may have been born on a piece of rock 450 miles south of here, but my wife is Scottish, my kids are Scottish and Galloway is my home. If Scotland becomes independent and does separate passports, I would apply for one.

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