A Thousand Up

I recently reached my 1000th post on here.

I would just like to thank some of the, on average, 425 and a bit of you who have read each post. Also thanks for the links, comments and retweets and so on.

Leave a comment why don’t you? If you are Scottish you are allowed to do it here, unlike the BBC…

Most of my views come from the USA, then the UK, then Canada and Australia. So hello to you all.

Here are a few from the top 20 most popular posts on here in case you missed them…

  1. The Greatest Hero You Never Heard Of
  2. Types of Writers And Typewriters
  3. How To Get Arrested In Disneyland
  4. The A-Z of Nepal Part 3
  5. Meeting Supposed Terrorists

Here is one that is lower down the list but that I would like to get higher. A Trip To The Casino.

Scottish Independence and Nepal are among the search topics but strangely so are Wildebeest Pictures.

I have never knowingly published a picture of a Wildebeest.



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