They’ll Get By With A Little Help From Their Friends

I’ve been working hard to try and finish my book about Korea and write any number of other things whilst having a job to do and all of that.

The Scottish Football Authorities are not making any of this particularly easy as it is hard to turn a blind eye to the corruption that seems to be rife in the game. These guys are really the true sons of FIFA it would appear.

The difference it would appear though, is that it is not solely about the money in Scotland. It’s about the establishment club having a better opportunity than anyone else to…, well, to do just about anything.

This is shocking stuff.It is now being spun as harsh on Rangers that any newco club will (subject to vote) be allowed to keep their place in the SPL.


This is not about one particular club. This is about fairness and meritocracy in the national game (yes, I also think there should be some form of relegation and promotion into and out of the 3rd division).

No to NEWCO are asking for suggestions here.

Bella Caledonia are asking everyone to tweet or put on facebook or their websites…

We’re asking all fans to support the statement: “If Rangers #newco are allowed back to the SPL immediately I will officially stop attending SPL football matches.” Put it on facebook and fans forums and twitter.



  1. I don’t subscribe to any Newco being relegated to lower leagues. It is completely unfair on smaller clubs. When it happened to Livingston the third division was essentially a walk over as was the second a year later. Also the third and second division grounds wouldn’t cope with the crowds. Certainly a newco shouldn’t just be allowed to waltz in and there would have to be sanctions. Rangers and Celtic don’t want to play in any Scottish league anyway. I’m completely ambivalent what happens to both of them and look forward to the all Edinburgh cup final between two clubs who despite their different traditions are both Scottish and proud of it.

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