They Can’t Be Bothered

In order to show you how little regard many politicians have for you I thought I would show you these little videos. None of these politicians can be bothered to even make up new patter. The journalists are expected to copy it up or broadcast it and we are supposed to lap it up.

The first is an Ed Miliband malfunction. He either can’t be bothered or doesn’t have the wit to respond to the questions without repeating himself or listening to the question. He is just so desperate to get his talking point across and not be open to attack for supporting the unions…

The second is Obama. In trying to show the respect he has for all his allies he neatly shows that he has absolutely no respect for any of them…

The third and final one shows that this doesn’t happen only at trivial meetings. John Howard the ex-PM of Australia and Stephen Harper the ex-PM of Canada try to read their given script in a heartfelt way but given that they are two countries on other sides of the world with very different situations and problems to solve, isn’t it a bit strange that they are reading exactly the same speech…


  1. Longer than you’d suspect. Stephen Harper remains our Prime Minister.

    Michael: Great last name, great quote at the top. Looking through your blog as it was a top result in a vanity search.

    Cheers from Canada!

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