Old Scores

Just a short somewhat curt point to make today. In the independence debate, unionists are often heard to talk of the “Braveheart bilge”.

Now, whilst one would not wish to defend the historical accuracy of the film in question, I would just like to point out that William Wallace was quite a popular figure in Scotland before that film.

In fact, we built a f*cking huge monument to him (67-metres – 220 ft). You can go and see it if you like. It is rather nice. Also, inside it you will find information about how a certain class didn’t want it to be built and how it was funded in large part by donations from enthusiastic members of the public.



  1. I hear Roland Emmerich’s planning a film about how the works of Robert Burns were composed by the Earl of Oxford “writing as William Shakespeare”.

  2. Roll on Scottish independence, and when you’re done all the carpetbagger Scottish MPs sitting in English seats can naff off home too.

    Oh, and I’m gonna piss on the Wallace Monument and burn me a saltire. Fuck you sweaty. You Scots are the enemies of my blood. Remember that.

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