Film Guide (with free films) – Part 3 – Biographies

A few years ago I used to run a biweekly free film showing in the University for anyone who wanted to come along. The films were a mix of documentaries, fiction and  based on true story stuff. I would try to get a guest along to speak too.

I thought I would make the list of films available here with links to where you can see them free where possible.

I’ve divided them into rough groups and posted links to where you can find them online if you want to. The first week I had some films about the media and the second was more economics.

This time we are on to biographies of some of the great and good or not so good.

The Fog of War – Definitely in the not so good category is Robert MacNamara. This documentary about him is very informative and at the end he almost, and I mean almost, shows some contrition. You can watch it online here.

The Most Dangerous Man In America – This film about Daniel Ellsberg, who you might describe as the Julian Assange of his day, is an excellent look at the courage of the man in question.

Bush’s Brain – A documentary about Karl Rove and also about the role of spin doctors in modern politics. It at least tries to explain how such a duffer could end up as president. The trailer is here but I am sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to find on online version of it.



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