The Somnolence of the (succulent) Lambs

The supposed revelations about Rangers FC in the Daily Record this morning are in truth anything but revelations. Almost, if not quite all, of the information has been readily available for may months. Thanks to the work of the Rangers Tax Case blog, Phil MacGiollabhain, more recently the Random Thoughts re Scots Law blog, and many others, people have been able to learn about this information for months.

The fact that the mainstream Scottish (sic) media are taking this up now in part speaks to the fact that the Daily Record has been in serious trouble for a while with dwindling sales and recent layoffs.

The more interesting part is why they haven’t taken it up before now. Jokes about the “succulent lamb”  provided to journalists explain part of it. The lobby system has always been an effective control mechanism against journalists and Scotland seems to have had its lobby system working in one of its football clubs more than in its parliament. Furthermore, Rangers supporting journalists have been unwilling to rock the boat (or is that sinking ship) at their chosen club and have therefore kept silent.

On the links I have provided above you will find far more in-depth and for the most part better written information on the Rangers case than you will find in the Scottish media so I have nothing to add on that here.

What I want to ask is this…  if the Scottish media have been covering things up and reprinting untruths to keep one of their favourite unionist institutions intact, with a referendum on Independence coming up, might they be doing it about something else?



  1. Thank you Michael for the kind words.

    Since hearing Prof Greg Philo of Glasgow Uni a couple of weeks ago his message has been at the forefront of my mind.

    He said that what the media deliberately fail to report is of more importance than what they do cover!

    Your question is very relevant indeed.

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