Beaten To The Punch

I had been about to post the video of Paxman’s shameful interview with Alex Salmond last night but Bella Caledonia (with the excellent title of We Pay For This) and plenty of other notable bloggers beat me to the punch. I will put the video on the continuation page below this short article anyway.

For many of us it wouldn’t have come as a surprise to see the BBC behaving in such a blatantly biased way and another thing that won’t come as a surprise is the tone of some of the writing in this Scotsman (sic) article. The bold and italics are mine.

The move, apparently planned for months, will mean that the Tory part of the coalition will at last have a direct Scottish link between the lobby in Westminster, where many journalists for London-based titles are still playing catch up on the issue, and will be able to get their message across as opposed to the Lib Dem side of the coalition which was meant to run Scotland.

The Lib Dems have had their troops in place for a little longer, Euan Roddin at the Scotland Office and just before Christmas, Christine Jardine in Downing Street.

But Tory Chancellor George Osborne has taken change of the Scottish question. So the arrival of Mr Jones is significant because it is clear that the Tories have decided that the Lib Dems cannot be allowed to deal with Scotland alone, not least because the Conservative approach is far more aggressive than the one Michael Moore first pursued.

So the Libdems have to “run Scotland”, not the Scottish Parliament and when things don’t go to London’s plan it appears  we have to be “dealt with”. The  article itself says “deal with” but I don’t think they mean in the sense of “make a deal with”, do you?

And yet they still wonder why more and more people are going for independence every day.

One comment

  1. That list isn’t exhaustive. More importantly, devo-max presents a chance to re-establish ourselves as an independent liberal-minded voice on the constitutional debate and in Scottish politics. Laying claim to the consensus option distinguishes us from Labour and the Tories, articulating a vision distinct from independence without attacking it for its own sake. If we do this we should achieve more working with the SNP administration. Moreover, we might just find the Scottish people willing to listen and engage with our ideas again.

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