Month: January 2012

The Somnolence of the (succulent) Lambs

The supposed revelations about Rangers FC in the Daily Record this morning are in truth anything but revelations. Almost, if not quite all, of the information has been readily available for may months. Thanks to the work of the Rangers Tax Case blog, Phil MacGiollabhain, more recently the Random Thoughts re Scots Law blog, and many others, people have been able to learn about this information for months.

The fact that the mainstream Scottish (sic) media are taking this up now in part speaks to the fact that the Daily Record has been in serious trouble for a while with dwindling sales and recent layoffs.

The more interesting part is why they haven’t taken it up before now. Jokes about the “succulent lamb”  provided to journalists explain part of it. The lobby system has always been an effective control mechanism against journalists and Scotland seems to have had its lobby system working in one of its football clubs more than in its parliament. Furthermore, Rangers supporting journalists have been unwilling to rock the boat (or is that sinking ship) at their chosen club and have therefore kept silent.

On the links I have provided above you will find far more in-depth and for the most part better written information on the Rangers case than you will find in the Scottish media so I have nothing to add on that here.

What I want to ask is this…  if the Scottish media have been covering things up and reprinting untruths to keep one of their favourite unionist institutions intact, with a referendum on Independence coming up, might they be doing it about something else?


Rejected Unionist Referendum Question Proposals

The wording of “Do you agree that Scotland should be an Independent Country?” caused some consternation as being unfair in some circles.

It is therefore only right that we look at some of the alternatives that were put forward by unionist parties…

  1. Would you like all these puppies to be poisoned, or would you prefer to stay part of the union?
  2. Would you prefer to be independent and be subjected to numerous terrorists attacks, meteor strikes, possible dinosaur attacks and financial ruin or would you prefer not to have all those problems if we just sort them all out for you?
  3. When the moon is in the 7th knee and the wimble-wimbles wemble, would you prefer to wash the moon or grembille the runfrunffers? (this was the suggestion of George Foulkes).
  4. Is it better to shut up and f*ck off or shut up and not f*ck off?

Beaten To The Punch

I had been about to post the video of Paxman’s shameful interview with Alex Salmond last night but Bella Caledonia (with the excellent title of We Pay For This) and plenty of other notable bloggers beat me to the punch. I will put the video on the continuation page below this short article anyway.

For many of us it wouldn’t have come as a surprise to see the BBC behaving in such a blatantly biased way and another thing that won’t come as a surprise is the tone of some of the writing in this Scotsman (sic) article. The bold and italics are mine.

The move, apparently planned for months, will mean that the Tory part of the coalition will at last have a direct Scottish link between the lobby in Westminster, where many journalists for London-based titles are still playing catch up on the issue, and will be able to get their message across as opposed to the Lib Dem side of the coalition which was meant to run Scotland.

The Lib Dems have had their troops in place for a little longer, Euan Roddin at the Scotland Office and just before Christmas, Christine Jardine in Downing Street.

But Tory Chancellor George Osborne has taken change of the Scottish question. So the arrival of Mr Jones is significant because it is clear that the Tories have decided that the Lib Dems cannot be allowed to deal with Scotland alone, not least because the Conservative approach is far more aggressive than the one Michael Moore first pursued.

So the Libdems have to “run Scotland”, not the Scottish Parliament and when things don’t go to London’s plan it appears  we have to be “dealt with”. The  article itself says “deal with” but I don’t think they mean in the sense of “make a deal with”, do you?

And yet they still wonder why more and more people are going for independence every day.


Film Guide (with free films) – Part 2 – Economics

A few years ago I used to run a biweekly free film showing in the University for anyone who wanted to come along. The films were a mix of documentaries, fiction and  based on true story stuff. I would try to get a guest along to speak too.

I thought I would make the list of films available here with links to where you can see them free where possible.

I’ve divided them into rough groups and posted links to where you can find them online if you want to. The first week I had some films about the media.

This week I have some films about the marvellous economic system that seems to be serving everyone so well at the moment.

The Corporation – The first is the absolutely magnificent The Corporation. This documentary highlights that under the law, the business corporation is in fact a legal person. The question then follows, what kind of person is a corporation. This one is unmissable and I imagine many readers here have already seen it. If you haven’t then you can WATCH IT ONLINE HERE.

Roger & Me – Michael Moore’s first film is one of his best and focuses on the destruction of his home town and his attempt to get an interview with Roger Smith, then CEO of General Motors. You’ll have to get a hold of this one yourselves but it is worth it.

McLibel: Two People Who Wouldn’t Say Sorry – This film, directed by Ken Loach and Franny Armstrong, is a documentary about two people who were taken to court by McDonalds for handing out leaflets about them. A remarkable story indeed.  It shows how far some of these companies will go and also the courage of the people who stand up to them. You can WATCH IT ONLINE HERE (Spanish subtitles).

The Yes Men Fix The World – No words apart from fantastic, WATCH IT ONLINE  HERE.

Political Realities Explained For Children…With Penguins

Now kids, if you watch the little video below you will see 99% penguin. 99% penguin works hard to build his little nest but because he is so busy building that little nest, he cannot see 1% penguin behind him stealing the things he has worked to collect.

1% penguin’s nest looks very good and he has almost finished it, without doing any real work. 99% penguin will have to keep working if he is to finish his nest.

1% penguin is also ready to respond with violence or the threat of violence if someone tries to take back the things he stole.