Cameron Prefers The Spread-Regal

Taking a break from telling the proles to stuff it, it appears that the greenest prime sinister ever is also going to tell the environment and wildlife to get f*cked too.

The BBC says

Prime Minister David Cameron will not be going to the Rio+20 Summit in Brazil next year despite his pledge to lead the “greenest ever government”.

However, as always, there is an excuse and his excuse is that the summit clashes with the Diamond Jubilee (50 years) of some species of anachronism of German origin.


The clash raises the question of whether other Commonwealth heads of government will also stay away.

Protocol would be likely to demand the presence of the 54 countries’ leaders in London.

This celebration of outdated modes of government is obviously deemed more important than climate change, the pollution of the air and water, the extinction crisis, inequitable world development and a whole load of that other stuff that gets in the way of a real royal clusterf*ck of misplaced patriotic sentiment.

I use the word misplaced advisedly because a patriotic commitment to the environment that surrounds you, locally and globally, is enormously more important than propping up absurdities that should have been long gone by now.

Cartoon from the Pleb



For the purposes of the above I was just looking at her very Bettiness page on wikipedia. It appears that she is allowed to be a member of TWO religions and also that all of the royal family do not have children like other people but instead they have “issue”.

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