1. I like the Berlusconi one best. Muammar looks as if he’s just sunk his teeth into a lemon, and Silvio looks like the lemon. The Sarkozy one looks like they’re shaking hands across a cruise missile, and Muammar’s beret has clearly made an impression; although, considering his well-deserved reputation for good taste and sartorial restraint, I’m surprised he omitted the striped shirt and the onions. Tony has the mad-eyed visionary look while Muammar tries for civilised disdain and achieves a certain grandmotherly disapproval; but the spooky thing about that picture is the way the corners of their mouths appear to have synchronised.

  2. I can’t believe Berlusconi let himself be photographed nibbling the fucker’s fingers. It must be Photoshop, or Adam Werritty. Come to think of it, I bet they’re all Adam Werritty. Every single individual in each of those photographs is Adam Werritty. Do you dare deny it?

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