Union Dissolution Day (Norway)

Today is Union Dissolution Day in Norway.106 years ago today the people of Norway celebrated the ending of their union with Sweden (or at least, their parliament declared its end).

This should serve as a warning to the people of Scotland because after the Union was dissolved Scandinavia in general and Norway in particular descended into the abyss. Scandinavia (and Norway in particular) is now synonymous worldwide with crime, poverty, pollution and monolingualism.

At the time, this monumental undertaking caused such divisions in Norwegian society that, whereas all the other referendums results on this page show the percentage of people who voted for whatever decision it was, in the dissolution referendum only 184 people voted against it in the entire country.

It is true that the women weren’t allowed to vote in 1905 but the feminists registered their discontent by collecting 200,000 signatures in favour of dissolution.

In recent years the situation has deteriorated so badly that in the most recent statistics Norway was rated number 1 in the United Nations Human Development Index, only 20 places above the United Kingdom. Sweden has found itself 3rd, only 18 places above the UK*.


*This is in the inequality adjusted figures. In the non-adjusted figures Sweden is 9th and the UK 26th. Norway is still 1st.


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