Just a quick quiz question.

If there are no responses I will take it that either I stumped you or that there was a thundering lack of interest.

Here we go then.

Q. What do the fact that the Cuban Missile Crisis didn’t end in mass slaughter and these photos of Uranus have in common?

Answers in the comments.



  1. I can’t even see the bloody post properly – the homepage still has “Die Heretic!” at the top. I got here via the sidebar.

    What they have in common is that there is no reason to thank John F Kennedy for either of them.

  2. The Answer….

    They are 2 fantastic things which came about as a direct result of people not obeying orders.

    A russian submariner was ordered to destroy an american ship but refused the order. had he done it we would probably have had WW3. Read about it here. http://bit.ly/f2EG9v

    As for the photos, the scientists who made the voyager satellites were told to make something that could only go to Jupiter and Saturn. They knew they could make something much better so they built the thing the way that they wanted anyway so they could do all the research they wanted and launched it in the right time frame so it would all work. Then (and I am paraphrasing here obviously) when it went past Saturn they said….

    “By the way…if you want… we COULD do X, Y and Z as well….only if you want of course”

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