I have had an mp3 copy of an old audio book of the The Hobbit for a long time. I had never listened to it but one chapter of  it came on the random on my music player and I couldn’t help but notice that the goblins were all given Scottish accents.

Intrigued, I skipped to another bit and found that Gollum just happened to have a Welsh accent.

It wasn’t particularly surprising to find that all the heroes had decidedly English accents.


  1. Ah, stereotyping- whether it be origin or class , this type of crap has always gone on:

    Henry IV part one, Act 3 Scene 1

    LADY PERCY: Then should you be nothing but musical for you are
    altogether governed by humours. Lie still, ye thief,
    and hear the lady sing in Welsh.

    HOTSPUR: I had rather hear Lady, my brach, howl in Irish.

    LADY PERCY: Wouldst thou have thy head broken?

    HOTSPUR: No.

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