Back in April
I suggested that we should do a little pre-emptive strike and come up with the title for Bush’s memoirs.

Now that it is out with the title Decision Points we can look back at some of the best ones that were posted here, on opednews and on Twitter.

Looking back is what Bush is doing and apparently his low point was when Kanye West called him a racist. That means his low point was not when all those people in New Orleans died unnecessarily on his watch or the possible million people that were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nope, those things don’t count. Someone calling him a name was much worse apparently.

Anyway, here we go and let’s not forget that the most honest title would be War Criminal …

Detonation Point – Tom K

How I Won a War Without Knowing Shi’ite from Shinola or Mein Humpf – Jay Farrington

I, George Bush, Symbol of America – Daniel Geery

A President’s Race to the Historical Bottom – Charles Klaer

The next few I forgot or lost who. Most of them were myself and friends….

Far From the Maddened Crowd

Diary of A. Hole, Mental Age 5 and a half

Bleats, Shoots and Leaves

War Criminal

Dick Cheney and The Half-Dumb Dunce

Minority Report –  The Curmudgeon

Vendetta: A Son’s tale

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