There are 2 events coming up that will be well worth going to though unfortunatley I won’t be able to attend. Boo.

The first is Positively Independent in Glasgow tomorrow.

What’s the point of independence?

This Sunday at the Piping Centre, Cowcaddens,  (10.30 – 4.30 pm) the Scottish Independence Convention has invited a collection of people to share their ideas and their vision for Scotland…

The second is Political Innovation Scotland in Edinburgh on the 13th of Novemeber…

For anyone who has ever asked themselves “why is politics still done like this?”

The Political Innovation project is a series of free-to-attend practical events at which people with ideas on political innovations can meet up with technical experts, journalists, bloggers, politicos and others with an interest in politics and public affairs. The event will allow to find about about innovative projects like these ones. You may even want to get involved in one of them.

You can help shape the agenda – click here to tell us what you want to talk about!

Political Innovation is being hosted by The University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics.

So go along… and I want to hear PODCASTS so get recording.

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