[If the cartoon is yours please contact me and I will add link or delete as requested. I really don’t remember where I found it]

Judging by the fury of the political classes at the moment, the biggest threat to our freedom and security is not terrorism,  crime or even those pesky protestors. It certainly isn’t the degradation of the environment or the pollution of the air and water.

No, none of those things seem to be as important or worrisome as a group of people who have had the temerity to publish what the people who are supposedly our representatives are actually doing and saying when they think no one is looking.

In that light, I suggest you have a quick look at John Pilger’s latest article (click the link below). It is about Wikileaks.

The part about Christine Amanpour is very interesting. This is because she is one of the journalists that appeared in a number Iraq war documentaries saying that the media swallowed and reprinted the governments position instead of critically analysing it. John Pilger here more or less accuses her of doing it again.


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