The style of reporting in these stories tells you a lot about why we have some of the problems we do.

Today on the BBC there is this headline…. Nature loss ‘to damage economies’

This is followed by…

The Earth’s ongoing nature losses may soon begin to hit national economies, a major UN report is to say .

The third Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO-3) warns that some ecosystems may soon reach “tipping points” where they rapidly become less useful to humanity.

While the rest of the article gives some solid information, putting it all in these terms shows a mistake in thought that goes back to biblical ideas about the natural world being something that is simply there for the purposes of human exploitation. There is no suggestion that it might be a good idea to preserve the ecosystem for its own sake.

It is possible to extrapolate from the above statement the idea that as long as economies are fine then quite frankly flora and fauna can go and get f*cked.

Please have a look at this article I wrote for opednews in particular and my other site exit stage right if you want to see how dire things are really getting and why this is all way beyond economics.

Picture from http://www.schnews.org.uk



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