Month: May 2010


From Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album (which is the best name for an album ever).

Henry Kissinger
How I’m missing yer
You’re the Doctor of my dreams
With your crinkly hair and your glassy stare
And your machiavellian schemes
I know they say that you are very vain
And short and fat and pushy but at least you’re not insane
Henry Kissinger
How I’m missing yer
And wishing you were here

Henry Kissinger
How I’m missing yer
You’re so chubby and so neat
With your funny clothes and your squishy nose
You’re like a German parakeet
All right so people say that you don’t care
But you’ve got nicer legs than Hitler
And bigger tits than Cher
Henry Kissinger
How I’m missing yer
And wishing you were here



Another day another god knows how much spilling into the sea.

Here are a series of oil related posters and culture jams I have picked up over the years. If you were the one that made any of them then email me and I will put the link. There are more than just these three on the continuation page. I made the first one…



Paddypower and I believe at least one other bookmaker have been offering odds on which animal will be the first to go extinct as a result of the Gulf oil crisis.

Thusly demonstrated in the same story are the two meanings of the word “sick”.

However, I don’t really find any of this surprising anymore. We have been gambling ourselves into extinction for years.

Allow me to demonstrate the thought process using a gambling analogy,  which seems appropriate given the story above….

It is a bit like a penny falls machine. More and more gets piled into the system and all the while the pile (in this case  it is a pile of toxic sh*t and not money) gets bigger. However, the coins do not fall immediately. Each little nudge moves something into another space where it wouldn’t have settled without the disruption, and with next coin everything is disrupted a little more and so on.

Eventually, the pressure gets so cramped that some things just have to fall and you get a pay-off – except that this time when the pay-off comes, it won’t be good for anybody.


Another missing the point moment, and this one is a beauty.

One of the most ridiculous gaffes in literary history was made by the first American publisher to receive the manuscript of Animal Farm who rejected it because ‘there isn’t much of a market for animal stories in the U.S. at the moment’.

The picture below was taken when Orwell received the news and had just decided to go and see the publisher in person.

Other great missing the poing moments can be found here.