A little look at what happens when the olympics or world cup comes to town.

This is extreme but the some similar things happen EVERYWHERE when there is an event of this sort.

China’s Olympic Lie (24:15)



  1. I was once asked by my french teacher to write a dissertion on the pros and cons of the olympic games in Bejing.
    I stated that on a general level the economy of China would have benefited from the game and that it would have made miserable the poor evicted people.
    The video shows that no economy improvement is worth it.
    How could he test us on such a topic and ask us to find a positive aspect to it?
    The debate should state the positive and negatuve aspects of a same topic, but what happens if the negative aspect is greater than the positive one?
    It’s as if he asked us to state the positive and negative aspects of a robbery!
    Sure, the robber would certinly gain from it but the person who has been robbed wouldn’t….What sort of question is that?At this point he was only testing our comphrensive skills in reading the french layout but I still think it was a stupid question…or more simply he was trying to see our political point of view….
    He might have asked us as well what is the positive aspect of the exploitation of the Middle East by the Unitated States for their gas?Well it certainly benefits the americans but not the Golf Countries, you dick head!!I mean it’s obvious that you have to be a sort of lawyer to defend two different points of view but what happens if I don’t see any good to it?Should I fail the french class and wait for a more intelligent question to come along in the written exam or be an hypocrite and say yes sir, there r some good sides to it, what you wanna do, that’s life!!!Well, still in schools you don’t have the liberty to have your own ideas and express them, I remember arguing with another french teacher of mine because I stated that the homosexuals have the right to adopt children if they want and the latter are most likely to grow in a healthy environment than in a heterosexual family without love or living in an orphanage….you should have seen the face of this teacher who was clearly the product of an italian shovinist background despite his education, I was labeled as the rebellious and anticonformist who had the guts to oppose the teacher in front of the class and I therefore had problems in passing the exam because I was being antagonised by the teachers of that subject….was it worth it?Yes. I am who I am but it also made me aware than not even education is an ideal environment to educate students because what their family and country system has taught them is more deeprooted and longlasting than any memorable lesson I could ever teach them if their model of education is shopping and x factor and produce it in English language.It is just a battle lost since the beginning, it is either yourself and money or it is ideals and no money.
    Its far more easier for certain people to work for big companies and earn a lot of money rather than working as a teacher and not have a penny to spend….
    That’s the way society works, to which kind of category do you think you belong to?
    I know to which category I belong and I am proud of it despite the fact I don’t have a penny.
    I don’t give a damn what people think about me and I never will.

    1. Well done Lidia, stick to your principles.
      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and even if I don’t agree with someone I will always respect their point of view if I know that they have thought the matter through with honesty in their heart.

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