I am a music snob, always have been. It is a common enough affliction (or blessing) in Glasgow which is a fantastically musical city.

I don’t watch TV (although I do watch certain programmes). In fact, I do not have a television in my house. I have my 17,000 tunes on my itunes of which 2000 songs are audio books and I usually just amuse myself with that.

I have an interest in many types of music obviously but tonight it was on random and Bach came on and I just want to relay possibly the best, most ringing endorsement of anything that I have heard.

I like Bach a lot, in fact, before I get to that..there is a little story…

I was in England at a garden party with some fairly artistocratic type people. I had been thoroughly patronised for the major part of the evening…”Oh you’re from Glasgoooooooow arrrrre you? Isn’t it awwwwwfullly rough?”.

Several hours of this kind of thing will eventually get to you so after hours of just saying “No, it is a reputation, it is not in fact exactly like that et f +cking cetera” I just got annoyed enough with it that when the next “chinless wonder” came up to me and asked the same question I just said “Yeah, I am from Glasgow and what of it?” or something of that nature. He jumped about 20 feet back.

Anyway, at this party there was a string quartet affair…and one of these aristocratic types was telling me “I love LoCK Lomond but I just can’t say it the way you Scottish people can.”

I played dumb and said…”This music…composer…17th/18th century  wasn’t he? German/Austrian type fellow. I can’ t remember his name.”

She said…”Yes…it is Bachhhhh”

I replied…”If you can say Bachhhh, you can say ‘Loch’. Get it right.”

I thought that that was quite clever but as far as quick ostracisions go then what followed was a very quick ostracision.

However, all of this has been a very roundabout way of reaching the point…which is this…

Douglas Adams, who regular readers will know I like very much, said this about Bach…

“I believe that Bach was the greatest genius that ever walked among us and that the Brandenburg Concertos are what he wrote when he was happy.”

Now, I don’t necessarily agree with what he said there. But if you want to talk something up I have never seen a more beautiful quote.


  1. 4 some reason i clicked on drew’s link but it wouldn’t allow me to upload the concert podcast, but just the first episode even though i clicked on the second mp3 too can somebody help me please?

  2. Lidia – it will download as a flac file. You could then convert it to mp3 if you like. Flac is the free lossless audio codec – is similar to mp3 in that it is a compressed file but has better audio reproduction and will play in most devices just like an mp3.

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