In a shock move it was today announced that there will be another referendum in Ireland over the Lisbon treaty. Surprised ‘No’ voters expressed delight that they will get the chance to overturn the overturning of their no vote.

Leader of the ‘Yes’ campaign Shadie O’Character has decided that they were possibly being unfair when they pumped lots of money into the ‘Yes’ campaign and so warped the democratic process.

Yesterday, O’Connor spoke at length about the process…

“Yes, we admit it. We didn’t get the answer we wanted the first time so we made them vote again and paid journalists and politicians to say what we wanted them to. It is the same basic system that is used all over the world. We call it ‘coincidental democracy’ in that when they vote for we want then that is fine but when they don’t we have to do it all over again until we get the right answer.

To be honest, we were prepared if the great unwashed had voted no again to make them vote again anyway so the organisation has already been done. “

He later explained the reason for his chage of heart.

“Well, we considered that it has just been too easy for us for a while and we were getting a bit bored of it. Therefore we have decided to give each campaign an equal amount of airtime and money this time and allow journalists to say what they want. It should be more exciting that way.

Also, in the interests of fairness, we got to try again after we got a result we didn’t like so why shouldn’t they get the opportunity this time? It is only fair.”

Here was the scene in Hell yesterday…


This of course has sent the politicians of almost all the other countries of Europe, who hadn’t even bothered to give their respective electorates a chance to vote into a major strop.

Gordon Brown criticised the Irish decision to expand democracy when all the other nations in Europe are downsizing it.

“The Irish are pissing into the wind” said Brown, “and being just over the sea if it is a windy day then we get the democratic splashback. That is unacceptable in this modern age.”

He continued…

“We are in a situation where many countries in Europe have systematically cancelled proposed referendums on the Lisbon treaty on the basis that the people would probably have said ‘no’. Ireland can’t be the only one to ask people what they think…it is selfish”



  1. Yes, I believe Shadie O’Character and his government colleagues are also discussing putting the next budget to a referendum. Everyone gets to choose. They can vote ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ on tax increases and cut backs. Now that’s democracy! Maybe, if it goes the right way, we can grind our economies to dust in a matter of months.

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