I decided a while ago that I would like to try putting together a few podcasts just to see how it went.

So I bought the equipment and last month I went to London to speak to one of the funniest bloggers and writers you could come across.

I met with Philip Challinor, otherwise known as ‘The Curmudgeon‘, who is a writer as well as a blogger.

As I am very much learning this podcasting thing on the job I wasn’t able to add an introduction before the conversation starts on the mp3 file but in failing to do it this time I have learned how to do it for the next one.

This podcast was very much a conversation in the pub [with added rat]. There are a couple of conversations put together as we were variously interrupted by having to go to the bar or the rain.

Some of the subsequent ones might be conversations and some might be more formal. I am going to try to make them all different.

In this one we discuss the Scotland/England thing, Douglas Adams, Gordon Brown, Science-Fiction and a few other things too.


If you go to THIS LINK HERE then you can listen to it online or download it as an mp3. You want the VBR MP3 link where it says ‘Audio Files’.


Hope you like it.

Finally, if you have any complaints about what we said you can write an email. But don’t send it to me.



  1. Well I said it was a conversation in the pub and I also said I have been working a lot lately but we burst into action at some points.

    Like I said, I will try to make all of these different in one way or another.

  2. Could we say that in literary metaphorical terms Scotland is the wife reluctant to accomplish to her marriage duties and England is the shovinist egocentric husband who wouldn’t even think of despising his wife because he just takes for granted her faithfulness being simply impossible to not feel blessed having a powerful husband like him?Think about it:the British Empire is the historical outcome of Anglo machism.

  3. but England thinks that scotland has, scotland and ireland love france just to get back to the husband who takes it on the lover and not on the wife it’s time the divorce took place scotland’s sister ireland has been more brave for a change….

  4. blasè….such a refined word to define something that is positively not and not even slightly developping in constructive malcontent !

  5. it is true that scottish people are stingy: I once dated a guy who always made me pay for drinks but I didn’t care because I liked his clever conversations but he most appallingly started avoiding me for no reason and acted very rudely and immaturely…I sense that these kind of people are really touchy and full of themselves who would rather be complete assholes than telling to my face what has upset them so you scottish men feel so cool but in reality you take yourselves too seriously and are not objective about yourselves and have no modesty and manners whatsoever!you are the rudest people I have ever met and that is most disappointing because you look funny and interesting but than turns out that the only thing u care about is yourselves!You are little nasty boys that don’t hesitate to cut u out from their lives but he’s the looser not me cause I think he will never find another woman like me and he knows it : scottish men: either grow up or get Get lost !
    ps: they are not men they are just dick faces with no balls!

  6. there’s only one thing worse than british men: men unwilling to admit their britishness! Turns out that there’s nothing more british of negating who you are or rather, the way you are…..
    The will to stay aloof from the rest of the world is a symptom of britishness, feeling superior to the others, being cold and detached is a syptom of britishness so why do you say that Scotland should be independent and Scots are not british? You are not exactly a ray of sunshine or epitome of warmth either, tell me do you think you are so different from the English?If yes tell me why and don’t tell me about that political-historical-cultural-celtic race and sport crap, I want to know on a human level given that you have ever considered that point of view of yourself.

  7. Hi Michaele, I found your blog via your irish and italy posts: it is very interesting and I learn lot of things reading it !I really like your podcasts and it surprised me in hearing you say that english and scots are really different! I am italian and I leave in ireland know i went to study in de past in london and irish are more simpatici than english but I feel that nonetheless the irish people are colder than italy people do you think that scottish and irish are that different from english?Maybe they are different to you but as an outsider I feel very lonely here why don’t you tell me on a personal level how you think scottish are different from the english? Do you think italian people nice? what you don’t like about them?
    thankyou very much ciao

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