Just wanted to let you all know about a wonderful new resource for bloggers, journalists, activists, concerned citizens etc.

Spinprofiles.org is in the form of a wiki and as it explains on the front page…

SpinProfiles documents the PR and propaganda activities of public relations firms and the public relations industry engaged in managing and manipulating public perception, opinion and policy. SpinProfiles also includes profiles on think tanks, front groups funded by industry and industry-friendly experts who work to influence public opinion and public policy on behalf of transnational corporations or other special interests.

SpinProfiles focuses on transparency issues by profiling and cataloging the activities of lobbyists, lobbying firms and other corporate lobby groups.

Propaganda in war and peace and the activities of states in deceptive communications and special interest lobbying is also a focus with major collections of articles on British propaganda, the theory and practice of counterinsurgency, the neoconservatives, the Israel lobby and the terror experts and the associated terrorism industry, which do so much to distort public policy in the ‘war on terror’. SpinProfiles also documents the propaganda, disinformation, and covert action activities of states, intelligence agencies, and their associated networks.



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