As I said last week, I am working on some longer format things at the moment and hopefully will post something else later today. This will have to do for now…

A book I was just flicking through said that if you cut up a starfish into pieces then each of the little pieces becomes a complete new. This seemed a little strange.

A quick glance at wikipedia yielded this…

Some species of sea star also reproduce asexually by fragmentation, often with part of an arm becoming detached and eventually developing into an independent individual sea stars. This has led to some notoriety. Sea stars can be pests to fishermen who make their living on the capture of clams and other mollusks at sea as sea stars prey on these. The fishermen would presumably kill the sea stars by chopping them up and disposing of them at sea, ultimately leading to their increased numbers until the issue was better understood. A sea-star arm can only regenerate into a whole new organism if some of the central ring of the sea star is part of the chopped off arm.

This inspired me to create a silly picture.



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