Why not try to go along to the world’s biggest ever film premiere?

It is for the The Age of Stupid, which I posted about a while ago too.

If you live in the UK, it WILL be near you soon, and let’s not kid ourselves on here…if you don’t live in the UK then it will be downloadable soon enough.

The film was made by Spanner Films whose other films like McLibel [watch Mclibel free here] have been fantastic so this should be too. It is a film about climate change starring Pete Posthlewaite.

Ok, so I am going to make that home made potato and leek soup now and in the meantime rather than go with what the ‘biggies’ are saying about it, here are some quotes from members of the public who have been lucky enough to see it already…

PETER D – It’s a better film than many others and we could use it to mobilise local community action. Great film. Shows how easy it is for people to delude themselves that they are ‘green’ when in fact they are part of the problem.

SIMON – Fantastic film. Apart from the emotion of it all – it is the best articulation of the absurdity of modern life that I have ever seen.

JOANNA – It was great to have the opportunity to see the film after hearing so much about it. I must say that it more than lived up to expectations.

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