I have been very busy so posting has dropped off. Work in general, a cold and the fact that I am working on some longer format pieces have got in the way.

Posting will be back to normal from now.

I have managed in the meantime to keep up with my the various stories going on and if you don’t know then science daily always has lots of interesting things on the go.

I don’t really like it when people guffaw at or complain about the stupidity of scientists that know far much more than they do about a subject.

One such thing at the moment is the large Hadron collider which some people seemed to think was going to make black holes that are going to eat us all. That isn’t the plan and it won’t do that.

When it is working again however, it may be able to tell us if the models of the universe and laws of physics we have are fundamentally correct.

It could also find the answer as to why gravity is much weaker than other fundamental forces like electromagnetism. If you don’t believe that gravity is weaker then go and get a magnet and hold something up in the air with it. You can then wonder why just that little magnet exerts more force on the other metal object than the entire weight of the earth trying to pull it down.

It might also prove the existence of dimensions other than the three that warped and absurd creatures such as ourselves are most familiar with, time and the one that Geoff Hoon came from.

So I do have a big respect for many scientists in many different fields but just like the rest of us, some of them are not averse to taking the propaganda buck and at other times they do make the occasional howler.

The following howler however, is not an error of fact. I would like to post it as the first entry in the 2009 Allcomers Stating the Bloody Obvious Award competition and invite other bloggers to post if they find other possibles and at the end of the year we can all see who was the winner.

So, to the story.

You see some people  have just discovered a huge kind of prehistoric snake and they have called it Titanoboa.

Titanoboa would have been about 13 metres [42 feet] long and 1140 kilograms [2500 lbs].

“At its greatest width, the snake would have come up to about your hips. The size is pretty amazing,” said co-author P David Polly, from Indiana University in Bloomington, US.

“Probably like an anaconda, it spent a lot of time in the water,” said Professor Polly.

And here we are…

“It would have needed to eat a lot.”

That particular piece of information I could probably have worked out for myself.

If anyone else wants to get involved in the competition then write about it on your own blog and email me about the entry. This is not only about science. Politics, sport anything can be in the Stating-the-bloody-obvious-award. I only prefaced it with some scientific information to show that I really do think that there are far more interesting things to be found in scientific journals and the like than in the business or sports sections of the newspapers.


  1. I was recently eating a hazelnut yogurt and was reading the carton in an early-morning daze. Luckily so, as it transpired that the yogurt “may contain nuts” and was also “prepared in an environment where nuts may be present”.
    Can you imagine?- if I was allergic to nuts that hazelnut yogurt would have killed me! Thank God the carton warns of the dangers.
    I want to live outside the asylum.

  2. Presumably the idea is to distinguish genuine, possibly-nut-containing hazelnut yoghurt from hazelnut yoghurt that is merely hazelnut-flavoured, i.e. yoghurt which utilises hazelnut flavouring which does not contain nuts or any component thereof.

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