‘No’ doesn’t always mean ‘No’. Not if you are a european voter anyway. Especially not if you are Irish.

The people of France and Holland rejected the EU constitution, effectively killing it. Because of those two early defeats the planned referendums in other EU countries were cancelled because it might look bad if the people of many more EU countries rejected it.

So the policy-makers fiddled with the words a little and changed it to the ‘EU Treaty’.

They did this because they could f*ck the people of europe by passing a treaty without a referendum.

A large percentage of people in European countries wanted referendums. They wanted to say ‘No’.

They were denied that right – except in Ireland where the constitution says there must be a referendum for such things.

The people of Ireland voted ‘No’.

Wrong answer.

They will now be made to vote again. They will be asked to keep voting unil they give the ‘right’ answer.

Democracy? Don’t make me laugh.


  1. The official government line here in Ireland is:
    “Well, if we can get certain guarantees from our European partners, answer the people’s fears and offer the Irish people the legally binding assurance that certain things such as national tax regimes cannot be touched, why shouldn’t we offer a referendum?
    In the government’s opinion it’s never wrong to ask the people what they think.”

    If there’s a no vote this time around though we will see a serious crisis in Europe, but when we say crisis what we mean is that things will go on just as they have up until now: Don’t know about you but I don’t think the lack of a constitutional treaty has really bothered me over the last 2 or 3 years.

  2. The Lisbon Treaty or whatever it’s called this week is one of these “for your own good” pieces of legislation. I sincerely hope the Irish people vote no with a bigger margin than before.

    Whether that would give the EU any cause for reflection is entirely another matter.

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