1. Are you sure it’s illegal to piss on supermarket shelves?

    Anyway, good post, and timely also. This recent cold snap has resulted in a few beautifully clear nights recently and what with the village being tiny and us living outside of the village we’ve had some cracking views of the night sky, devoid of the moon.

    It’s a spectacular sight indeed. One of my best memories of childhood is being away camping somewhere away up north and sitting looking up into a vividly clear night sky watching a meteor shower. It’s something we could all benefit from seeing more of, instead though the councils are blithely replacing the old orange lighting (sodium?) with ouber bright lights to keep us ‘safe’. Presumabely from the mosters that live in the shadows. Bastards. The council, not the monsters.

    I always liked the phraseology my brother applies to the points in your post, “you wouldn’t shit in your own backyard?”, or some such.


  2. Great post Michael! I agree with the underlying political implications, I also am a sky gazer from way back. The best ever was 4 months spent in New Mexico. Every hour or so there was a new configuration of beauty above, and all around in every direction.

    Spending most of my existence in either DC or the NOVA suburbs It was the first time I’ve been under the “Big Sky.” As a member of the human species you could say I experienced a homecoming of sorts.


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