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Blah, blah, blah f*cking blah.

What a load of old horse sh*te.

The papers are full of it at the moment.

A brief sample of some of the article titles around this week will tell you…

Warm words for Icelandic boom return to haunt Salmond – The Independent

Magnus Linklater: Crunch has put paid to Scottish independence – Times Online

Scottish Dependence – Times Online

Will Crunch Put Independence Plans On Ice? – Daily Record

Time To Jump Sinking Independence Ship – Daily Record

Not going to provide you the links as I don’t want to give them the satisfaction. You can search for them yourselves if you like.

No, it appears the real reason Scotland can’t be independent is the rent-an-apparatchik service that manages to do well both in times of economic boom and of depression.

The same papers and sources and often the very same journalists that were telling us that Scotland couldn’t be independent as it would miss out on the economic good times are now saying we can’t be independent because we won’t be able to get ourselves out of the bad times.

Go figure.

It doesn’t matter what the current news story is, someone will use it to write an article as to why Scotland shouldn’t be independent. It has been happening for years and the current format of this is no different to any time before.

I believe the expression is ‘Same shit, different stick’.

As for debunking the current nonsense then can’t put it better than what an Irish friend said to me in an email…

Iceland has gone down the tubes because of bad management, not because it’s small. The same reasons why we’re facing a shitty budget here today. The public finances are in tatters thanks to unrealistic spending increases over the last few years, not because we were audacious enough to demand our right to self-determination. Not a single Irish bank has needed money from the government (yet). All that has happened here is that the state has guaranteed deposits to promote confidence and avoid a run on the system.

17 banks in the US are going under. Are we therefore to expect the repeal of American independence, because clearly the time for Whitehall to govern the world is upon us again?

[Thanks to the culture ghost for don’t let anyone kid you photo]

And, any excuse to reprint this one has to be used…



  1. Yeah I know Michael. The problem is fear and it’ll probably bugger up the referendum.
    Shame though that is, confidence is what powers positive change. I’m still confident about independence, I just think its taken a couple of backward steps through no fault of its own.

  2. Oh for Christs sake, how much do we have to endure the everbearing miss-dependant cries of a fucked up Scotland, longing to be freed from the alcoholism of the scared few (eng means scary in Dutch), so that they can stay on the map. Yip, let them have it, the Scots ie: Independance so that they can root up again with the Irish who seem to be doing it right.

  3. One wee word in the Referendum Act title that everyone has overlooked…. ‘franchise’. This is just a transfer of franchise. Who is the new Master Franchisor? Go ask. I have. Also why is the referendum not called the Scottish SOVEREIGNTY Refendum Act? ‘Independence’ is a grey lawyer word that means different things to different people.

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