I just moved house…yes, again.

It is a nice house but the previous occupant had let himself go a little and I came into far too much contact with the filthiest fridge it has ever been my misfortune to see. I had until now thought that the whole point of a fridge was so that things didn’t live in it but it seems that that opinion is not universal.

Aside from all of the cleaning I had to do, I found several tacky things that shall be placed in a cupboard never to see the light of day again. This is one of them…

This was placed next to the bed and in a the spirit of true romance, was filled with condoms.



  1. Beaut mate. A commercial opportunity?

    I can remember visiting the local farm when I was growing up. We were friends with the kids of the tractor driver, the one, who couldn’t say a fuckin’ sentence without fuckin’ swearing. His kids loved to fuckin’ go through his bedroom drawers and find the fuckin’ coloured condoms. I had no idea what they were for at the fuckin’ time. I suppose I do now.

    I was in a bar at lunchtime today and condoms were a fuckin’ dollar each. Even fuckin’ exotic ones.

    Live goes (fuckin’) on.

  2. ah ,ok the previous occupant! :?…..well at least you get to use the condoms…:wink:….. 8)
    if they’re not expired yet 😆

  3. Send them to China. They were making kids hair bands from them. All the ladies here were so disgusted but I never heard if they were tested as to whether they were new or used.

    The former occupant must have left in a rush.

  4. must have been some sort of filthy horny dog….
    at least you found this stuff after he left!I was living with sluts who happened to be bitches too,I remember once trying to study in my room and all these strange voices were coming out from their doors into the corridor…I remember fighting with them because apparently they had no energy left to do anything else:I yelled at them once because they wouldn’t help me to clean this long shelf with empty bottle products which was full of dust,just because they belonged to previous occupants.I needed desperately a place in the bathroom where to put my stuff because i was a johnny com lately,finally,I resolved to clean the cupboard above the sink,which was full of spiders and put my stuff there.Another time I walked in on bitch number one in the kitchen while she was with this guy;another time i decided to take my revenge by cleaning on top of the cupboard which had one inch solid dust on it while they were eating…it went on for a year!These girls came from the middle of nowhere like me and they had started,away from their family and provincial towns,la bella vita,like we say in italy…i eventually grabbed my bike and went to study in parks when the weather was nice,altough it started to rain once 😦 I could go on forever to enumerate the endless disgusting things),2 of them had even engaged in a phisical fight:one of them scratched the other’s breast and kicked her in the chin,as usual,i was in my room studying and i decided not to intervene because it was what they both deserved..however,I’m happy those days are over because it was a trauma for a simple country girl like me to have to deal with such people,I can become agressive ONLY if they bother me ,I just want to live and let live .However,there are some rules to respect and if u can’t cope with it you better go home.I left the house because things were getting worse and worse,garbage can was always full and there were more and m ore strange cries….After I left the house I met the most decent of the girls who prevented the 2 wrestlers from killing eachother and she told me that they threw this scatched chick out of the house,who started to cry and call the cops.Then she said there was this other guy who had been on the big brother show who was using all her towels;so basically it was paradise when I lived there compared to when i left….I never had the thrill of living on my own except the few daysi spent in one star hotel occasionally when i needed to go to the city.However it’s over thank God, an experience not to repeat for sure….

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