A couple of years ago on another site [I can’t find the correct link at the moment] I asked a question.

The question is more relevant now as we are getting closer to the time.

THe question I asked was this…

Given that Bush is about to finish his time in office, what could he HONESTLY call the inevitable memoirs that always follow the retirement of a politician?

Of course, he is not renowned for his literary ability so they will obviously be ghost-written but they will obviously try to put some positive spin on it so I don’t want an answer like ‘Fucking up the world’ or some such thing.

I couldn’t find the old post so sorry to the people who posted suggestions back then. I am sure there were some good ones too.

For the record, my suggestion was ‘Making the world safe for oligarchy’ and the one I remember from the other site was the standout, which was by none other than my uncle, who suggested ‘Better the monkey than the organ-grinder’.

Any suggestions?



  1. this blog is so interesting,funny and illuminating !You make a real contribution :a blog like this can really change your life,teach you many things and influence you in a positive way,Bravo Michael!!

  2. Ehm….I’m sorry, not illuminating(french and italian interference…)but I meant enlightning and inspiring too…By the way:”Oh rosso rosso vino” would have been the best translation for your song 😉

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