I haven’t been watching much of the olympics but I turned the TV on the other day and they were talking about the history of table tennis in China.

They mentioned that during the cultural revolution sport was frowned upon and things like that.

Then they started talking about Deng Xiaoping who may have been directly responsible for the Tiannanmen massacre. At any rate, he is reported to have spoken in praise of the officers and soldiers involved.

However, the BBC entirely neglected to mention this and described him as a ‘political visionary’ and as the man who ‘revolutionised chinese table tennis’. Apparently this is because he allowed them to change the way they hold the bat.

It’s like a reporter from the 13th century describing Genghis Khan as being notable for changing the way people wear hats.

Don’t get me wrong, they don’t cover non-chinese politicians any better like when Bush recently said..

“Russia has invaded a sovereign neighbouring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people, such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century.”

and they report it without anyone saying ‘hang on a minute…’

It is simply what everyone knows…the goalposts have moved on who is a good butcher and who is a bad one..

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