Some more of those Nepal photos. If you click on them they go full screen…

I really like this one with the women working in the paddy fields…

You find these guys in Kathmandu. This is in Durbar Square in the city centre. They want money from you for the photo and will apparently put a curse on you if you don’t give them any money…

I loved this. This is at the foot of the mountain that the first two pictures in the previous post were taken from. You go along the Himalayas, over a mountain, past a few army checkpoints then across a lake and you come to this – and they called it ‘TYPICAL RESTAURANT’..

Another thing you may not know – James Brown is not dead – he has a trekking equipment shop in Pokhara…

More tomorrow.



  1. I love the view of the hills! And the quaint tranquility of the images here, that probably reflects a simpler lifestyle. I’d love to drop by here some time.

  2. You missed the good ones–mothers and young children by the side of the road with hammers in hand breaking boulders, and rocks to make cement–did you get that picture? Did you get the pictures of the little bodies floating in the rivers? Sorry, beauty and the other extreme–guess that is life.

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