Congratulations to Nepal on the declaration of the republic.

There is obviously still a lot of work to be done in that country but well done nonetheless.

Before I went there I read several times about how the Nepalis thought their King to be almost godlike. When I arrived I found that nothing could be further from the truth. I didn’t meet a single person that believed the official story about the royal massacre and I only met two that actually liked the king, and one of them wasn’t Nepali.

Hopefully this marks the real end of the civil war and a chance for the people of this country – who I found to be the friendliest I have met anywhere in the world, even in the midst of their adversity – to address the all too severe problems of poverty that afflict this incredibly beautiful part of the world.

Nepal votes to abolish monarchy

The Himalayan nation of Nepal has become the world’s newest republic, ending 240 years of monarchy.

A constituent assembly meeting in the capital, Kathmandu, overwhelmingly voted to abolish royal rule.

People celebrated wildly in the streets of the capital after news of the assembly vote.

The approved proposal states that Nepal is “an independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular and an inclusive democratic republic nation”.

Only four members of the 601-seat assembly opposed the change.

Royal privileges “will automatically come to an end”, the declaration says.

It also states that the king’s main palace must be vacated within a fortnight, to be transformed into a museum.

HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY NEPAL – NAMASTE! Have some nice raaksi, momos, daalbaat or whatever you prefer! I am sorry I am not there to join in and be thoroughly beaten at chess again and again.

Other Nepal stories by me.


For everyone non-Nepali. This is where you should be planning to go for your next holiday. They need the tourist money and it is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. The picture is one of myself after having walked up a mountain at night with a couple of friends to see the sunrise over the Annapurna range of the Himalayas.

You have to go and see for yourself.



  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

  2. Quite difficult to comprehend. I think that this clears the slate a little. Still a lot of endemic corruption and some very challenging logistics and dirty laundry to resolve.

    Still plenty time to work on that after some celebrations.

    As you say, probably the best thing people could do is to support the economy. All those considering a trip to Burma should divert to Nepal instead. Very interesting country. You can be in the 14th Century and the 21st Century within about half an hour.

  3. Yay! I got a little thrill when I first read that story. History in the making!

    Welcome to modernity, Nepal. Namaste indeed!

  4. thanks for the good words for NEPAL.. it truly is a beautiful country with beautiful and wonderful people..
    Like you , we all pray that things change only for the better in this amazing country..

    Jai Nepal.

  5. See this.

    I’m not sure if anybody is considering a trip to Burma.

    Aren’t the Maoists listed still as terrorist by the US State Dept, even if they run the state, and have a military with ranks?

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