As I said in VOMIT (Part 1), and old photo and a borrowed line but some things make you think that there isn’t enough vomit in the world…

I actually have an old video of U2 on stage when he use to phone the whitehouse at the end of every gig and it was when Bu$h Snr was about to leave and he said..

“I just want to tell George I won’t be bothering him anymore. I’m gonna be bothering Bill Clinton now.”

This appears to be Bono’s version of bothering him.

Also, congratulations to 1820.org.uk for reaching their 500th post [1]. Go over and join the fun and the daily maybe has an interesting little survey you might want to take part in.

[1] If you want to know what 1820 was all about it was the Scottish War of Insurrection (actually one of a series) and you can read about it here.

(Thanks to whoever alerted me to the photo. It was a while ago and I can’t remember now so sorry and thanks anyway!)


  1. Jesus. Imagine if Geldof, blair, and these two douche bags were all group hugging (and Geldof had his finger to lips like in vomit number 1). I struggle to think of a more embarrassing moment for humanity.

    (thanks for the 1820 info)

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