Tony bLIAR is to lead some classes at Yale University on Faith™ and globalisation($).

Now aside from the further proof that the man has no shame whatsoever, this put me in mind U Po Kyin, a character from the Orwell novel Burmese Days.

U Po Kyin was a corrupt and scheming magistrate in the days of the British Empire. He tried to deceive and steal from both the population of his own country and that of the invaders.  He believed that by using some of his misappropriated wealth to construct pagodas he would do his karma no end of good and therefore be reincarnated as at least some sort of noble beast like a male elephant, which he ranked above being reincarnated as a woman.

At least the pagodas U Po Kyin might have built had he not died without his karma being improved might have had some architectural quality to them. With bLIAR preaching faith and globalisation we are only likely to get nuclear missiles with ‘blessed are the meek‘ written on them and a new piety section in the prefabricated Walmarts that are likely to spring up everywhere.

As he lectures his students I wonder if he will remember the part of the bible about the only time Jesus got extremely angry and threw the money-lenders out the temple or the bit about thou shalt not kill.



  1. Of course he won’t. That was obviously added by subversive socialist elements in the Catholic Hierarchy and was only discovered by the time it was too late to edit it out.

  2. They never seem to remember the money-lenders. I think that kind of televangelist vigor is so common because, perhaps, deep down they know/think it is all bullshit.

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