“How can I be guilty of treason when England is foreign to me?”

The shocking thing is that I could believe this when I saw it but nevertheless it is still infuriating.

Pupils ‘to take allegiance oath’

School-leavers should be encouraged to swear an oath of allegiance to Queen and country, says a report commissioned by Gordon Brown on British citizenship.

Report author, ex-attorney general Lord Goldsmith, says it would give teenagers a sense of belonging.

Council tax and student fee rebates are suggested for people who volunteer – as well as a “Britishness” public holiday.

So, not only on oath to an outdated autocrat, whom in history some of the operatives of brought untold misery around the world and these days her puppet masters are busy doing the same thing but people will actually be given a financial reward for helping them celebrate it.

At least we got this much…

A Scottish Government spokesman said it did not support the plan and did not believe it would find favour with parents or school pupils.

When I was about 10 I was kicked out of the cubs (the scouts for younger kids) before I even joined it because I refused to salute the Union Jack and say an oath of allegiance. This wasn’t due to any particular political awareness on my part and more to do with the fact that the football team I support is antithetical to that sort of thing.

If it wasn’t enraging it might be funny. The author of the report stated …

He also stressed that he could not see why Republicans would not want to swear an oath, even though they may not believe in the present system of government.

He probably can’t see why vegetarians don’t just eat hamburgers, lesbians don’t just sleep with men and Noel Edmonds doesn’t just get a 24 hour channel to himself.

Apparently it is all to help remind us of our ‘responsibilities’ and to remind us that we live in a tolerant and free society, ask you average asylum seeker how true that is.

I also wonder if those responsibilities include trivial things like, I don’t know, say getting legal authority to wage war or abiding by the European Convention on Human Rights?

The verses of the God Save the Queen that aren’t often sung are also possibly going to be changed. I think this is meant to be some sort of sop to the Scots in that they probably want to remove the fourth verse…

Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
May by thy mighty aid,
Victory bring.
May he sedition hush and like a torrent rush,
Rebellious Scots to crush,
God save the King/Queen.

I think it should have been changed long ago but I don’t see it as my national anthem anyway and do they really expect people to say that thats fine then. Forget Scotland getting the shitty end of the financial stick and all the invasions. Forget Scotland being used as a nuclear dumping ground. Forget Scotland being used as a guinea pig whenever it suits London, forget Scottish history, forget Scottish culture and get involved in the all-new London-centric, cash at all costs, warmongering clusterfuck of a country that is the modern United Kingdom.

And make sure you rejoice while you do it. They have cameras to make sure you do.



  1. How about this for a substitute:

    Lord, grant that Gordon Brown,
    May be brought tumbling down,
    Never more seen.
    Long may sedition flower, and in the London Tower,
    Out of sight, silent, sour,
    God rot the Queen.

  2. I’m afraid I raised my voice to the radio when I heard this the other morning … “infuriated” doesn’t quite say it somehow.

    The thing about “god save the queen”, occurred to me too … but y’know I doubt such ‘minor concerns’ should be of concern to us, so says Lord Goldsmith!

    I can’t see it happening, thankfully, besides if they want to introduce it as an school leavers graduation … well education eh? That’s a devolved matter anyway 😉

    It’s funny (strange not humourous) but I can’t help thinking that if Brown really wanted to save the union he should be promoting the cultures of the individual nations … not attempting to subsume them into some sort of ‘corporate hug’.

  3. dont they have better things to be worrying about, you know , the usual old boring stuff, jobs, healthcare, economy, I think I heard something about a tiny wee credit card issue or something, environment, etc than having us have our own wee mini-Nuremburgs with red roses, three lions, cups of tea in fine china, jubilee plates, Di t-shirts and celebrating London?? Isn’t London the most cosmopolitan city in the UK anyhow? yeah they should be celebrating the diversity of the UK.

    Most folks coming out of high school care about only a handful of things – in no particular order; getting out of their parents home which goes hand in hand with getting laid, drinking heavily, drugs, and maybe a job.

    The likelihood of them getting excited by sticking their hand up in the air to salute some dithering old senile bat is about the same as asking the Conlon family to spend some time behind bars

    Lord Goldsmith should have said that it “might” give a sense of belonging amongst s very small percentage of WHITE teenagers in the upper classes…..essentially 1.25% of all the graduating teenagers in the country – great job Goldsmith……really seeing the big picture there mate, you white supremist old joker

  4. philip – i like it, its catchy

    alasdair – thats a very good point but i can’t see them trying it. most things at the moment are driving towards a worldwide monoculture and if it can’t be marketed and sold it is regarded as worthless.

    stephen – hello!

    aside from that, what you say about the sense of belonging for the the white teenagers in the upper classes is precisely what eton and places like that are for, and i imagine (though can’t confirm) that they do these sort of things all the time.

    as alasdair hints, a lot of this is because gordon brown doesn’t want to appera scottish to the english electorate because they don’t like it.

    In taking this road he is making himself more unpopular on both sides of the border except with a select few people.

  5. Love the New Labour fascism pic. And all this ‘Britishness’ shite is merely the death throws of a dying entity in my opinion. The quicker the better for everyone on these Islands.

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